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* Tailwind
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"Now I utilize kind of a calendar, I don’t know who invented this Pinterest calendar but somebody did and I am scheduling pins based on the themes that people are pinning around during this particular time of year, or whatever particular time of year it happens to be and the engagement that I have seen on my account and the followers that I have seen on my account that are happening is slowly increasing which is amazing." Taylor Bradford

"Now the biggest difference between Hootsuite and Buffer is that I cannot automatically send things into my queue, I would have to manually copy and paste and add it to my schedule so it is a little more time consuming and I don’t use it in that manner however, I do use a tool called Meet Edger that is my Twitter scheduler." Taylor Bradford

"The other really cool thing with Hootsuite is you can see your dashboard straight across so if I’m looking at my Twitter account I can see my current feed on Twitter, I can see people talking to me, my mentions, I can see my tweets and I can see any lists that I create that I want to look at, I can watch a hashtag I can watch a list I can watch a person, I can see all of that running." Taylor Bradford

"The best thing that I love about Edgar is I can create the content that I want going out one time, stick it in Edgar and it will rotate and I won’t ever have to touch it unless I want to delete the tweet out of rotation which is really nice." Taylor Bradford

"If you have a Facebook page, you have the option to utilize their scheduler and it’s a really cool tool, it track analytics, it tracks how people interact with your posts. You can see the clicks you can see the likes you can see the comments, that’s really a cool function." Taylor Bradford

"If you just like to be organized, then I recommend using the Facebook scheduler, and I can say after, like this is my third or fourth week doing a very specific Facebook schedule, it is working!" Taylor Bradford

"If you’re sharing someone else’s content and they come thank you, respond back to them because it means that you are still paying attention, you’re not just taking their content to share because it’s awesome." Taylor Bradford

"I love that with tailwind, you have complete control over your schedule so you get to decide how many times to pin a day, what times you want to pin, they also track when you are being engaged so they will suggest times." Jennifer Salter

"I would say Tailwind is a must have if you are serious about your Pinterest game, like if you’re serious about Pinterest, and you want to grow, you’ve got to have Tailwind." Jennifer Salter

"[Buffer] is a two click scheduling for Twitter, you can use if for Facebook, they are integrated with Pinterest and as far as I know they are an approved third party, but it’s more complicated than Tailwind is and you can’t mass schedule." Jennifer Salter

"I’m sticking with it [Buffer] just for Twitter but its great because if there’s a tweet that I want to share across all of the social media accounts that I manage, all the twitter accounts that I manage, because there’s a couple, I can share them all in one space." Jennifer Salter

"If someone shares your post, go over there and thank them because it’s, a) the nice thing to do and also I think actually it helps show your readers not that you were just tagged but that there is something going on over there and it adds to the conversation which means there will be more eyes on that post. And if someone shared your content, you want people to see it." Jennifer Salter

Meet Edgar

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